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ASEAN Youth Actions for Just Zero Waste Future

ASEAN Youth Actions for Just Zero Waste Future is one of the programs initiated by the ASEAN Youth Organization collaborate with the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) Asia Pacific and Mother Earth Foundation.

This program aims to establish an ASEAN+ countries-wide network of youth who will serve as the lead point for outreach in a designated region. Selected youth leaders will receive training to increase awareness and understanding of waste issues at the national and global levels. Apart from understanding climate action through a zero-waste approach, there will also be an upskilling program provided during the program to maximize the potential of youth leaders to campaign on waste issues in ASEAN and beyond.

This Program is Open For:

ASEAN+ Countries Youth with any background

Youth-led organizations or communities in urban and rural areas

Youth-focused community/organization

Youth journalists.

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Jakarta, 16-21 March 2023