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ASEAN Youth Organization By Youth For Youth

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ASEAN Youth Organization

ASEAN Youth Organization is an international non-partisan, non-profit, and non-governmental organization established to promote international understanding and goodwill parallel to the ASEAN Motto and constitutes one vision, identity, and community. Our vision is to create a world where youths exhibit a heightened interest in ASEAN through our activities that Empower YouthEngage, & Educate Communities to implement ideas that enable Positive Sustainable Change.”

With 10 years of experience in Community Development, ASEAN Youth Organization provides Youth with knowledge, skills, and abilities to bring back to
their communities, as well as boosting the regional development by fostering partnerships with various stakeholders.



Establishment of AYO China

The establishment of AYO-China Cooperation, dedicated to fostering cross-cultural unity and leveraging the collective power of young minds, is a testament to the transformative potential of international collaboration. Born from a shared vision to bridge the gap between ASEAN nations and China, this cooperative endeavor is a commitment to cultivating understanding, friendship, and impactful change among the youth. It unfolds as a narrative of hope, where young leaders from diverse backgrounds converge to build bridges, exchange ideas, and collectively contribute to regional and global progress. Through dialogues, initiatives, and joint projects, the cooperation emerges as a dynamic platform propelling youth toward a future of interconnectedness, cultural exchange, and shared ambitions for a brighter tomorrow.

Cooperation on Youth Development

ASEAN-China Cooperation on Youth Development is more than just a box to tick; it’s a strategic investment in a brighter future for both regions. By empowering and connecting young people, it cultivates a generation equipped to address shared challenges, navigate a globalized world, and ultimately build a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable future for ASEAN and China.

The future of ASEAN and China hinges on their vibrant young populations. Recognizing this, both regions have undertaken a robust collaboration focused on youth development. This partnership isn’t just about lip service; it’s a strategic investment in empowering the next generation.

The ASEAN Youth Organization plays a pivotal role in this dynamic. We act as catalysts for youth needs, ensuring their voices are heard and priorities are reflected in cooperation programs. By organizing events, training programs, and exchanges, they directly benefit young people across the region. Moreover, they bridge the gap between youth organizations, NGOs, and government agencies, amplifying the impact of this crucial partnership.

Establishment of the Chapter

Currently, AYO has a limited presence in China and establishing AYO China chapter will bridge and create a direct link between ASEAN and Chinese youth communities. This fosters deeper cultural understanding, facilitates knowledge exchange, and promotes collaboration on regional challenges, ultimately accelerating ASEAN integration through active youth participation.

 AYO China chapters provide a platform for Chinese youth to engage in ASEAN-related activities, develop leadership skills, and gain valuable insights into diverse cultures and perspectives. This empowers them to become bridge-builders, promoting ASEAN awareness and driving positive change within China, aligning with AYO’s mission of “By Youth, For Youth.”

By establishing AYO China chapters, the ASEAN Youth Organization takes a crucial step towards realizing its vision of a united and empowered ASEAN youth community. This strategic move fosters deeper regional cooperation, empowers the youth, and expands AYO’s impact, ultimately paving the way for a brighter and more connected future for all.

AYO Partnering with Chinese Institutions

Establishing AYO China chapters unlocks a wealth of resources and possibilities for the organization. Chinese youth offer diverse expertise, fresh perspectives, and a significant volunteer base, amplifying AYO’s reach and impact across its current programs and initiatives. Additionally, AYO China can leverage existing networks and partnerships within China to collaborate, expand program offerings, and amplify the organization’s voice on the global stage.

AYO has conducted meetings with many stakeholders in China to discuss the opportunity of collaborations and deepen the relation between China and ASEAN particularly on Youth Development Program.

If you are interested to collaborate with us, please email our Cooperation Representative for ASEAN China cooperation at (Mr. Dai Shaoling) or (Mr. Isaac Kow)

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