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ASEAN Youth Organization Cambodia is established by the collaboration of the ASEAN Youth Organization and the Cambodian youth community to promote sustainable initiatives and encourage active participation in Positive Sustainable Changes.

This platform affirms a strategic plan derived from three principles of ASEAN Youth Organization, which entails: Participation & Engagement, Employment & Opportunity, and Health & Well-Being. With a foundation for sustainable relations, ASEAN Youth Organization Cambodia promotes international cooperations, cultural exchanges, and human resources training.


Lihak Va

Country Director

ASEAN Youth Organization Cambodia emphasizes on the ceaseless innovation and moving forward sustainability, strengthening regional cooperation, promoting cultural diversity, and contributing to regional prosperity.

I aspire to connect the young generation of Cambodia with the ASEAN community, striving to cultivate an international environment characterized by peace, stability, as well as inclusive and sustainable development.

Partnership Manager
Program Manager
Impact Manager

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