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Are AYO events free?

AYO events can be free, paid, or hybrid, with free and paid tickets available for registration. We encourage you to check the detail of every event you want to join later.

Are there any requirements to join the conference?

There are requirements and interested applicants who applied through the ASEAN Youth Organization website are selected through their submitted application form. You will be asked to share your insights about ASEAN and your experience in implementing projects.

Are we allowed to represent our institution?

Yes, there should be an agreement and consensus between the two parties. Please contact for further details.

Are we going to be classified by the pillars that we choose?

Yes, it will be designated to the pillar of their choice. There are 3 pillars; AEC, ASCC, and APSC. Please find the details in Pillars Section above.

Can I donate to AYO?

AYO is a not-for-profit organization. All activities we have are funded by our members and donors. AYO accepts donations from individuals, institutions, or other bodies. Please visit the Donate Us page to donate or contact

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for the payments made in case the Delegate cannot make it through the event.

Do I need a business education or experience background to be involved in this event?

A background related to Business, Management, Digital Business Technology, Artificial Intelligence and any related studies would be a plus, but anyone with any background can still register for this program as long as you have the interest to learn more about digital economy, youth entrepreneurship, and intellectual property rights!

Do you have to pay a registration fee to register for AYDF?

There is no registration fee for this event.

How do I join an AYO event?

All AYO events lists can be accessed on the AYO programs page. You may find the list of our event or activities on Program page to get more details, and don’t forget to register yourself!

How long I will receive my e-certificate?

The e-certificate will be sent via email a maximum of 14 days after the event. If you do not receive the e-certificate within 14 days, please send an email to the person in charge to the project you joined, or 

How long the program gonna take?

The total duration of the AYO Ambassador Program is 6 months, including 2 months of Recruitment and campaign, 2 months of Training, and 2 months of Project Implementation.

How long will I receive the certificate?

For both participants and delegates of AYDF 2023, certificates will be sent approximately one month after the event concludes.

How long will the conference take place?

The conference will take place for 3 days, starting on 3 -5 November 2023. (Date is tentative, the committee will inform the final date by the end of August)

How many days will the AYDF last?

The AYDF will span 3 days, taking place from November 15-17, 2023, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But, the Fully Funded Delegates are required to arrive 1 day before the event start (14 November) and leave 1 day after the program finish (18 November).

How to join AYO

All young people between the ages of 15 and 35 who have an interest in ASEAN and Southeast Asia, in general; support the objectives of AYO are welcome to join ASEAN Youth Organization as members. We have 3 types of memberships and you can apply directly.

How to join AYO events or projects?

AYO Events are open to all of YOUth, feel free to join the event based on your interest. Some events will have requirements to join and participate, you have to fulfill the requirements to join them. Our events/projects will be published on our social media pages and published on our Event page.

How to obtain a certificate with AYO?

AYO provides a certificate of appreciation by joining our events or activities. There are many types of event or activity. Every project have its own regulations and requirements. Some of our events or activities will provide a e-certificate and some of them are not. So, please check the detail of each event you join.

How to partner with AYO?

AYO is open for partnerships with any institution who are also focusing on Youth and community development. We have a few types for partnerships; 1. Community Partnerships; 2. Strategic Partnerships; 3. Media Partnerships. If you want to know more about partnerships, please visit our Partnerships page and you can apply the partnerships through this page.

How will I receive my certificate?

Certificates will be delivered electronically via email. Please ensure that the email address you provided during registration is accurate and accessible, as this is where your certificate will be sent

I do not have citizenship from an ASEAN country. Can I take part in this event?

For now, this activity is prioritized for ASEAN Member States and Timor Leste citizens.

I do not study in High School or University, can I join?

Yes, this program is also designed for every youth with various backgrounds. As long as you are interested in Youth Development, have willingness to learn, and age between 15-21 years old, you can apply this program.

I have a disability. Can I still apply?

Absolutely. We strongly encourage individuals with disabilities to apply.

I have an organization already, can I join the program?

Yes, you may apply to this program, but please ensure your organization age is at most 1 year.

I missed an AYO event, how can I catch up with it?

If we live to stream an event, this will be available on our social media platforms such as Youtube or Facebook Page. You can also check the live link on our previous project/activities page.

Is full attendance mandatory throughout the forum duration?

Yes, full attendance is required. Delegates must also commit to developing one training session for the business community within six months after the forum.

Is it mandatory to attend full days of the event?

 Yes, delegates will only receive certificates only if they attend full sessions of the conference.

Is proficiency in English mandatory for participants?

Yes, delegates must be proficient in both written and spoken English.

Is there a dress code for the conference?

Business and formal attire are required throughout the event. Please also prepare to bring your national costume for the cultural night.

Is there an age limit to joining the conference?

The Applicants can be from any nationality in the age group of 17 to 35.

Is there any airport transfer for Public Forum 1 participants?

The airport transfer or shuttle route is only from the airport (KLIA 1 or KLIA 2) to the Sunway Resort Hotel, Selangor Malaysia. If you stay in another hotel, you may consider another transportation option.

Is there any fee to join the conference?

ASEAN Youth Conference is a paid program with prices varying on application dates (Early bird, Regular Registration)

Is this program designed for people with Disability?

We encourage youth with disability to apply to the program, so please let us know when you apply to the program and share with us what kind of assistance you need during the program if you are accepted as one of the ambassadors.

May I resign from the program?

Due to particular circumstances, the Ambassador is allowed to take leave (Maximum one month) or resign from the program by providing request letters from parents, guardians, lecturers, schools, or supervisors. The letter should be addressed to with the subject AAP23 Resignation Request. Upon resignation, all access to information, data, training, and support will be deleted, and ambassadors are not eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Membership Types in AYO

We have 3 types of Memberships in the ASEAN Youth Organization.

  1. Volunteer Membership. This is a FREE membership. You can simply register on our platform and you will receive updates from our organization about our events and activities.
  2. APRO Membership. To become an APRO Member, you have to pay a membership fee 20USD per year. We provide special program waiver for any paid event in ASEAN Youth Organization. You will also received more benefits for being an APRO Member. This memberships will be available on October 2023.
  3. Activator Membership. Activator Membership is the committee member of ASEAN Youth Organization. You can be an Activator after you passed the recruitment process. You may find more information here. Every Activator Member have to pay ACF (Activator Contribution Fund) with an amount of 10USD in the beginning of the term. There will be some assignments and tasks/responsibilities for each Activator.

If you have any questions about our memberships, please send us an email to


What are the benefits of joining AYC 2023?

ASEAN Youth Conference is an annual flagship program organized by ASEAN Youth Organization. Delegates who take part in this prestigious event not only will have the chance to interact with a diverse pool of young, talented, and energetic young adults in ASEAN but also offer an opportunity to prepare a youth declaration that will be submitted to the ASEAN Secretariat. Delegates from each pillar would have an opportunity to directly make their voices heard through this declaration in reference to their chosen ASEAN pillar.

What benefits do fully-funded AYDF delegates receive?

Fully-funded delegates will receive the following benefits:

  • Return flight tickets (economy class)
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Meeting package
  • Program meals
  • Merchandise
  • Airport transfer
  • Local transportation

What is AYO?

ASEAN Youth Organization of AYO is a non-profit organization focusing on Youth Development and increase the awareness about ASEAN to Young people. Our organization registered legally as Foundation in Indonesia as Yayasan AYO Muda International, and also registered as social Enterprise under AYO Kreasi Internasional in Indonesia and AYO Social Enterprise in Singapore. Please visit About to know more about the organization.

What is the difference between “participant” and “delegate”?

Participants will attend the Public Forum on Day 1 only, whereas Delegates will participate in all three days of the event. Delegates are fully funded by the organizers and should attend the entire programs from 15-17 November.

What is the dress code for the forum?

Delegates should wear business or formal attire during the event. Additionally, please bring your national costume for the cultural night.

What should I do after the program done?

Every alumnus of the AYO Ambassador program will be required to sign a Mutual Agreement with the ASEAN. Youth Organization for at least 1 year to keep coordinating, collaborating, and/or joint programs. The ASEAN Youth Organization will keep supporting the Ambassador and assist in the Ambassador Program’s growth and sustainability.

Where is AYO Office located?

Our organization is registered as a foundation and social enterprise. Our offices are located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Manila, Philippines. Please email us at if you want to make an appointment with us.

Where should I send my partnerships proposal?

Please send your partnership proposal to with the email subject: Partnership Proposal by (Name of Organization/Institutions)

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after completing the program.

Will the committee cover transportation and accommodation for the public forum participants?

There is no flight or any transport support and no accommodation will be provided for participants. Participants are responsible for covering all their expenses, including the accommodation, and travel costs.

Will we receive a certificate?

Yes, delegates will receive certificates at the end of the program.

Cannot find the answer of your question? Please email us at 

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