Can I donate to AYO?

AYO is a not-for-profit organization. All activities we have is funded by our members and donors. AYO accepts donation from individual, institutions, or other bodies. Please visit Donate Us page to donate or contact

Where is AYO Office located?

Our organization is registered as foundation and social enterprise. Our offices are located in Jakarta, Indonesia and Singapore. Please email us at if you want to make an appointment with us.

How long I will receive my e-certificate?

The e-certificate will be sent via email a maximum of 14 days after the event. If you do not receive the e-certificate within 14 days, please send an email to the person in charge to the project you joined, or 

I missed an AYO event, how can I catch up with it?

If we live to stream an event, this will be available on our social media platforms such as Youtube or Facebook Page. You can also check the live link on our previous project/activities page.

Are AYO events free?

AYO events can be free, paid, or hybrid, with free and paid tickets available for registration. We encourage you to check the detail of every event you want to join later.

How do I join an AYO event?

All AYO events lists can be accessed on the AYO programs page. You may find the list of our event or activities on Program page to get more details, and don’t forget to register yourself!

How to obtain a certificate with AYO?

AYO provides a certificate of appreciation by joining our events or activities. There are many types of event or activity. Every project have its own regulations and requirements. Some of our events or activities will provide a e-certificate and some of them are not. So, please check the detail of each event you join.

How to join AYO events or projects?

AYO Events are open to all of YOUth, feel free to join the event based on your interest. Some events will have requirements to join and participate, you have to fulfill the requirements to join them. Our events/projects will be published on our social media pages and published on our Event page.

How to join AYO

All young people between the ages of 15 and 35 who have an interest in ASEAN and Southeast Asia, in general; support the objectives of AYO are welcome to join ASEAN Youth Organization as members. We have 7 types of memberships and you can apply directly .  Please visit Memberships page to know more and apply as our member.

How to partner with AYO?

AYO is open for partnerships with any institution who are also focusing on Youth and community development. We have a few types for partnerships; 1. Community Partnerships; 2. Strategic Partnerships; 3. Media Partnerships. If you want to know more about partnerships, please visit our Partnerships page and you can apply the partnerships through this page.

What is AYO?

ASEAN Youth Organization of AYO is a non-profit organization focusing on Youth Development and increase the awareness about ASEAN to Young people. Our organization registered legally as Foundation in Indonesia as Yayasan AYO Muda International, and also registered as social Enterprise under AYO Kreasi Internasional in Indonesia and AYO Social Enterprise in Singapore. Please visit About to know more about the organization.

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