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Youth Inclusion

Every year, the ASEAN Youth Organization gathers all Youth Leaders to meet up and participating in the community development through focus group discussions and implement program initiatives.  We promote the youth advocacy and inclusion to the decision making process in a higher level meeting by government or other international institutions. Since 2018, the ASEAN Youth Organization has already gathered more than 700 Youth leaders of ASEAN and other countries, produced policy recommendation to the government (ASEAN Secretariat) and encouraged youth to conduct local activities in ASEAN.


Thanks to all of YOUth, the ASEAN Youth Organization has successfully conducted more than 250 Projects in the world. All projects were implemented by AYO Team Members, Ambassadors, and through AYO Partnerships. More than 1 million lives (Youth) were impacted by our programs. 

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Jakarta, 16-21 March 2023